Christianity Explored (free)

Session 1 is a taster session


1.    Good news: What are we doing here? Tuesday 2nd May  7.30 pm    
2.    Identity: Who is Jesus? Tuesday 9th May    7.30 pm
3.    ‘Sin’: Why did Jesus come? Tuesday 23rd May    7.30 pm
4.    The cross: Why did Jesus have to die? Tuesday 6th June    7.30 pm
5.    Resurrection: Why did Jesus rise? Tuesday 13th June    7.30 pm
6.    ‘Grace’: How can God accept us? Tuesday 20th June    7.30 pm
Day Away: Christianity Experienced!  Saturday 24th June 10am-5pm
7.    ‘Come and die’: What does it mean to follow Jesus? Tuesday 27th June    7.30 pm

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