Equipped to Minister at HBC 

 The "Equipped to Minister" course will be run at HBC from Autumn 2018. 

The course has been offered by Spurgeon's College in London for 15 years and is very successful - it attracts a wide range of participants. This is the first time they are offering it in a new location, and they've picked Histon to serve the Eastern region. It's early days but we are hoping to sign up more people as awareness grows.

You can do any module or as many as you want.


Equipped to Minister is a training course for members of local churches which aims to equip them to preach, to pastor, lead home groups and to serve in local churches. The course follows a curriculum agreed by all Baptist Colleges in the UK and the Baptist Union. It is therefore  a pathway of training for those seeking to be preachers or lay pastors.

Course tutors

The course is being taught by well-qualified tutors. At the moment this includes Andrew Burnham, a minister and tutor in London, Ron Day, minister at Histon Baptist and Lucy Robinson, with a background in Theology and Biblical Studies. 
Modules run on Saturdays, once a month.  

Entry requirements

No previous qualifications are required to join the course. The course teaching is aimed at A-Level or ‘Access’ level standard.

You don't have to sign up for every module - you can do whichever takes your fancy. Some people who are exploring going into ministry will benefit from doing most or all, but not everyone will want or need to. 


The cost of the entire course (over two years) would be £1104, but each module is paid for separately at £92. This covers teaching and marking of (optional) essays, an online virtual learning login and resources, and is competitively priced, although some churches choose to sponsor individuals who otherwise wouldn't be able to access the course.

Course recognition

The course leads to an internally validated Spurgeon’s College certificate for each successfully completed (including assignments) module.

Modules are pitched at 'access' level, i.e. 'A' level standard, with recommendations for academic reading and research. Some, but not all, participants use the course as a way in to ministerial training. Others use it to prepare themselves well for specific areas of church service. 

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If you are interested in the course please speak to Ron Day or Lucy Robinson or click here to email.


Reading and using  the Bible 1 (OT):    15 September & 20 October 2018
Exploring Christian belief 1:    17 November & 15 December 2018
Leading worship:   19 January & 23 February 2019
Reading and using  the Bible 2 (NT):    16 March & 27 April 2019
Evangelism and mission:    18 May & 15 June 2019
Preaching:    20 July & 21 September 2019
Spirituality:    19 October & 16 November 2019
Exploring Christian belief 2:    21 December 2019  & 18 January 2020
Pastoral care:    22 February & 21 March 2020
Baptist history and principles:    18 April & 16 May 2020
Church management and leadership:    20 June & 18 July 2020