John Hardwick 

National Christian Children’s and Family Evangelist based at HBC

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An update from John as to what he has been doing over the last 15 months during the Covid-19  pandemic.

Well, in a normal year I’m jumping around and burning a lot of energy leading School Assemblies, RE Days, Holiday Clubs, Kid’s Clubs, Messy Church events, Praise Parties, Kid’s and All-age Programmes at Christian Conferences and Camps, All-age Services, Singing at Toddler groups and also in Old People’s homes, and selling plenty resources from my website! But none of this has happened in over 15 months now and it has been very tough, to say the least.


I have led, Virtual On-line: Holiday Clubs, Sunday Schools, Messy Church Family Celebrations, Services and School Assemblies. At the Virtual Holiday Clubs, the children have watched my 45-minute Upfront Programme video on YouTube and been provided with a daily craft to do at home and then have joined a Zoom-In connect time, with a mixture of songs, Charlie the cheeky chimp, daft interactive games and questions & reflections. With the online Sunday Schools, often children watch one of my Bible story videos and then have Zoomed in to meet the related Bible character (me!) who is in the ‘Hotseat’ so that the children can ask questions, like “Jonah, what was it like being swallowed by a big fish?” (answer: “Smelly!”, etc.).

I now have over 200 videos on YouTube and Facebook and have over 7000 views, most months "Helping Kid’s Connect" which is a new ‘banner’ for my online work.

Many thanks for your prayers and support.
John Hardwick