Easter 2019 at HBC 

The greatest hope-generating event in history happened about 2000 years ago when Jesus rose from the dead.

There were hundreds of witnesses from all walks of life who saw Jesus alive over a period of 40 days. It told us that death is not the end and the door is open for people to touch God and be touched by Him.

We invite you to have your hopes raised by joining with us to celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday. What happened after that is equally amazing.

Easter 2019

We would love you to join us over Easter

Thursday 18th April 7.30pm:  Maundy Thursday Communion Service    
  Jesus' last supper with his disciples is commemorated with this Meditation Service  lasting about an hour.
Friday 19th April 10am:  Easter Good Friday Service                                                             

A joint service at St. Andrew's Church Histon (NOT AT HBC),    
led by the council of churches.                                                           

Friday 19th April 11am:  Walk of Witness                                                             

Walk of witness through the village.     
Starting at St. Andrew’s Church Histon (NOT HBC).  

Sunday 21st April  9.15am-10.30am:  Easter Breakfast                                                          

 All are welcome to an Easter Breakfast at Histon Baptist Church, starting at 9.15am. 
No charge.
Click here to email Kim  for more details and to book your place.

Sunday 21st April 10.30am: Easter Sunday Service at HBC                                                               

For all the family.