Albania Trip 19th to 26th April 2017  

The HBC team ran a Holiday Club at Freedom Baptist church, together with Fredi, Gjystina and the local team. They undertook  the Albanian translation of John Hardwick's Razzamatazz Robots holiday club.

1 Tirana DSC01510 547x365

2 Robots DSC01261 518x345

3 Robots Team DSC01279 519x346

4 Robots DSC01295 521x347

5 Robots Ron  Gill DSC01289 53

6 Robots DSC01367 545x364

7 Robots DSC01366 509x359

8 Robots team DSC01258 529x353

9 Robots Bowling DSC01316 547x

10 Robots team DSC01409 508x33

12 Robots DSC01269 528x532

11 Robots team DSC01490 532x35

No 1 reduced

2 reduced

3 Reduced

4 Reduced