Men's Event - Walking Weekend 

 17-19th May 2019

14 Men from HBC  walked  the 34 mile Peak Pilgrimage Walk, from Ilam to the ‘plague village’ of Eyam over 3 days. Thanks go to  David Johnson for planning and leading the weekend.

Eyam has a sense of being a holy place because of the sacrifice of its people in 1665 when they refused to flee in the face of the plague that arrived from London. Led by the rector, their self-sacrifice motivated by their Christian faith saved the surrounding area but cost about a third of them their lives. 

We stayed at  a National Trust Bunkhouse at Ilam – information can be found here.
Go to the Peak Pilgrimage website to see the route.


 Weekend 2019-01
The Bunk House

Weekend 2019-02
Warming up for the first days walk!

Weekend 2019-03
Heading off.

Weekend 2019-04
Dove Dale

Weekend 2019-05

Weekend 2019-06
To the valley bottom

Weekend 2019-07
Smile for the camera

Weekend 2019-08
Our intrepid explorer

Weekend 2019-09
Time for a rest

Weekend 2019-10
Anyone for an ice cream?

Weekend 2019 - 25
Or a drink?


Weekend 2019-12
Ready for day 2

Weekend 2019-13

Weekend 2019-14

Weekend 2019-15

Weekend 2019-16
Lunch stop on Monyash

Weekend 2019-17
The challenge of Lathkill Dale

Weekend 2019-18
Lathkill Dale Weir
Weekend 2019-19
A well deserved Bakewell Pudding in Bakewell

Weekend 2019-20
Dinner Time for the weary walkers


Weekend 2019-21

Weekend 2019-22
Heading round Chatsworth House

Weekend 2019-23

Weekend 2019-24