Mission and Vision


 Mission and vision answer the two essential questions:
"Why are we here?" (Mission) and
"What are we becoming?" (Vision)


When we try to answer the question 'Why are we here?' there are two perspectives. One is historical and begins 'We are here because...' This is important in times of doubt and opposition. However, the other answer begins 'We are here in order to....' and tells others what we band together to do and build. This is our 'mission'.

We believe being connected to God through Christ is the greatest human experience; to touch God and be touched by God gives life an added dimension.

We want to go to the people around us and show them, explain to them, serve them, teach them, empower them and encourage them to explore their questions and seek an encounter with Jesus. Then we want to help them find a faith in Him then become a mature Christian in attitude, values, beliefs and behaviour - whether that is by discovering and using their spiritual gifts or learning how to read the Bible to gain the maximum benefit or managing a budget in a God-honouring way or anything else that's relevent to showing that Jesus makes a difference in everyday living. We don't start by saying 'we've arrived' (we are all fellow travellers on the journey of life), nor do we believe we have all the answers - far from it! But we do believe we've found something that may make anyone's journey significant, liberating and fun.


Our vision is  a church that reflects the heart and mind of God in Jesus Christ; a church as Jesus imagined when He came and called people to follow Him. A church full of people who show the qualities of Jesus in honesty, integrity, openness, compassion, enthusiasm for God, worship, purpose and manner; people who are not afraid to share the work as part of a team and spread the truth of Jesus. We are constantly re-working our meetings, structures and groupings to reflect this vision