Green Group at HBC 

Bird Box 2022-04   
Bird Box at HBC

Eco Church

HBC is signed up to become an Eco Church, joining numerous other churches committed to demonstrating that the Gospel is good news for God's earth. We seek to follow a loving God who made the world, and who entrusts it to the care of humanity. We want our care of God's good creation to reflect our love for the Creator. We recognise that climate change is damaging fragile eco-systems worldwide, yet it is the poor who have contributed least to the climate crisis, who are disproportionately affected.

Again, we want to reflect God's heart for justice and his care for the poor, in creation care. By taking simple steps we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint – via the “3 Rs” - reducing what we buy, re-using as much as possible and recycling, whilst seeking to live in sustainable and ethical ways.

The Green Group spearheads our commitment to incorporate these concerns into all areas of our church life; 
    - our buildings & land
    - our worship and teaching
    - engagement with local community
    -  global campaigns
    - personal lifestyles.
Eco-church provides pointers and resources to encourage improvement, and gives awards when certain attainment levels have been achieved and thus helps to sustain impetus for change.

2022-03 Planting by HBC at Com
In March 2022 HBC sponsored and planted one of the community trees near the Holiday Inn.

Recently we have been spurred on to create an area for wildlife flowers in front of the church carpark, a deadwood hedge to give sanctuary to hedgehogs, a bug hotel and placed bird boxes in the birch trees. Fortnightly a green tip appears in the notice sheet and there is now a recycling box in the entrance way to take items for recycling, which at present the council doesn't yet do (eg crisp packets, toothpaste tubes). Teaching on care for our world is included in children's groups, sermons and worship.

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Deadewood hedge at HBC

Bug Bank 2022-04
Bug Hotel at HBC