HBC Prayer Focus 2022 

Click here to download the prayer card.

Our focus for the start of this year is prayer. We are keen to encourage and equip all  to see the importance, power, and beauty of prayer.

Our Minister and Elders spent time praying and reflecting on what was felt were the key areas for prayer at HBC  and these are  as follows:
  - Unity
  - Holistic Healing
  - Deepening Spirituality
  - The Elderly and Isolated
  - Children and Youth
  - A Heart for Outreach
Of course, these 6 areas are not exhaustive, there are many other things we must pray  for. 

Print the  prayer card  (or collect one from church) and keep it somewhere you will see it each day – put it in your wallet/purse, use it as a bookmark, stick it on the fridge or by your bedside or on your mirror! And then incorporate these six areas into your daily prayers this year. As there are six, perhaps you can pray for one area each day Monday-Saturday and then celebrate what God has done together on the Sunday!

 One of the best new years resolutions for personal wellbeing is to spend time with your Heavenly Father in prayer and  use these cards to intercede for one another too.

We Look forward to seeing how God will move amongst us in this coming year as we commit ourselves to Him in prayer!

Prayer Card - x1