Histon Holiday Club 


Dates: 26-28th July 2022

Times: Morning

Location: At Histon Baptist Church

For all children currently at Infant or Junior School and is advertised in the local schools during the summer term.

Plans for Holiday Club 2022 are taking shape under the working title of ‘Catastrophe Castle’. We are going to be telling three stories from the life of Jesus about people who have been rejected by society for one or another reason. 
We are running Holiday Club for 3 days and will be using a marquee on the Baptist Church lawn and the main building too. The pattern for the morning will be roughly 30 minutes of presentation from the front followed by 1.5 hours of rotating around activities and a final 20 minutes back together for a final presentation. We are planning to hold  an ‘alternative Olympic Games’ on one day.

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What is it?  

Holiday Club is an annual adventure packed full of stories, songs, drama, messy challenges, quizzes, games, craft and prayers and quieter times too!  It is run by Christians from the local churches.   There is singing, messy challenges, a serial drama, games on the field, creative crafts and quieter times to chat and chill with friends both old and and new. 

For more information visit the website: www.histonholidayclub.org.uk

Holiday Club is run by the Histon and Impington Council of Churches.


Registration begins at  9:45am and we finish at 12:30pm.

Where does it happen?  

It is held at Histon Baptist Church

Who can come?  

Children, who are currently at Infant or Junior school - Reception to year 6.  We hope to be able to cater for children with most special needs. Please pre-arrange this with us.

How can I sign my children up?

You do this near the time by  completing a  consent / booking form . These will be available on this wegbsite or through the local schools.

Do I have to pay?  

We don't charge for Holiday Club, but we welcome donations to help with the running costs.  A suggested donation towards the cost of materials of £15 for the first child, then £10 for other children in the same family. Cheques can be made payable to ‘Histon & Impington Council of Churches’.

What do I bring?  

Children should bring a hat in hot weather and wear sun-cream, etc. for outdoor games.
Refreshments:  a drink and a biscuit will be provided mid-morning and we finish in time for the children to go home for lunch.  
Clothing: no special clothes are required, but please bear in mind that activities involve sport and craft.  
Health: the Red Cross will be on hand to attend to first-aid needs.  If your child needs to take any medication during the sessions, we will require written permission for a qualified Red Cross person on site to administer this.