Holiday Club 2021 

Dates: Tuesday 27th July - Thursday 29th July
Time: 10am-12.30pm
Location: Marquee on Histon Baptist Church lawn

For more information contact Rilla, click here 

Who can come?  

Children, who are currently at Infant or Junior school - Reception to year 6.  We hope to be able to cater for children with most special needs. Please pre-arrange this with us.

So, what’s the theme? - Factory Rock 

Factory Rock is a sweet factory. Ivan’s parents had a special recipe but when they died suddenly in a mysterious accident, the recipe was lost. Ivan decides to ‘go off the beaten track’ and try to make his own sweets with his ‘better’ recipe but it all goes wrong; wrong shape, wrong size, taste awful. The Worky Dorkies all leave in protest. Ivan is left isolated and lonely, feeling worthless but is too proud to go back on what he has done. He’s feeling upside and down and inside out. 
Clara and Penelope try to coach him back. They are loyal to him.  They embody God’s love by not deserting Ivan and trying to help him. 
The three (well really Clara and Penelope) search the factory for the secret recipe and along the way we find the stories that Ivan’s parents used to tell him/have left for him.